Our Kegspediter® Service


Unique to the brewing industry, our innovative reverse logistics system ensures the fast and efficient return of empty kegs. The Kegspediter® System has revolutionized keg management for both domestic brewers and international brewers.

By reducing keg cycle time, the Kegspediter® System allows a brewery to service its distribution market with a smaller capital expenditure on kegs. Our proprietary system provides breweries with critical data and real-time online visibility enabled using a secure web browser. This allows them to better plan production and delivery, particularly during key selling periods.

While the Kegspediter® System was developed for the beverage industry, the solution is suitable for any style reusable container (i.e. dunnage, drums, and pallets).

The Kegspediter® System offers a number of other valuable benefits:

  • Loss prevention and control
  • Reduced floor space requirement for wholesaler
  • Rapid issuance of deposit credits

With a secure web browser, our new Kegspediter® Online system offers an even higher level of automation and interactivity.

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